Only one thing which we were able to measure was time. We had a radio-controled alarm clock. As we didn't watch the beginning of the event we can't have the times which are usually presented as T1 and T2. We have only T3 and T4.
We have added observed times to web page, which calculated the Sun-Earth distance from our values. We have also added coordinates of Náchod city, which we got on web page
So, coordinates are: 50.417 northern latitude 16.167 eastern longitude.
This table we've got from the page:

TimeTime UTC (hh:mm:ss)AU (km)Δ AU (km)Error
No data
No data
T311:03:3614959394139290.003 %
T411:22:5314959473031400.002 %
Average AU = 149594335 km
Average error = 0.002 %

The Venus starts leaving the Sun disc The Venus finished leaving the Sun disc

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